Automotive Classic Restorations

We at Premiere Custom Upholstery have reupholstered many classic cars and made them look as good, if not better then they had when they were originally purchased.

We can use new materials, when available, that match those in your vehicle (typically only leathers and vinyls), or we can purchase NOS materials.

When we reupholster your classic car, no detail is forgotten. This is because when you are restoring your beauty from the ground up, the same should be expected of your interior. A few of the details we go over include...

  • Frames are Cleaned, Primered, and Painted;
  • Plastic and Metal Trim Pieces are Painted; If they are Damaged Beyond Repair they are Replaced;
  • Use the Original Material Types to Fill Seats Making Them Look Full and Thick;
  • Sound Deadener is Installed Where Required;
  • Any wood trim can be refinished;
  • Wood grain can also be replicated on any metal surface (trim, console, dash, etc...) for cars that had it as an option but did not have it installed;