Automotive Convertible Tops

We offer...

  • High Quality Convertible Tops
  • New Tack-Stripping
  • New Gaskets
  • Replacement of Plastic Windows

When it comes to convertible tops, there are various reasons to have yours replaced.

The first reason being if your convertible top is ruined. If this is the case then your cars interior may soon be in jeopardy. A ripped top, cracked back window, or broken seal will allow water to penetrate your vehicle and leak into your interior. Once this occurs, and with enough water, your interior will soon begin to feel the effects. This typically leaves stains and a musty/moldy smell that cannot easily be eliminated.

Another reason is to make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. We can supply and install a new top that is identical to your old, or a new top of a different color or material if available.

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