Automotive Factory Interiors


Replicating factory interiors is something we have done for many years. Not only do we do this for the public, but we do it for dealerships as well. This shows that you can expect the highest quality from us since only the highest quality is accepted by our dealerships.

When it comes to factory interiors, there are few options available:

  • You can purchase new seat covers, carpet, and/or door panels online;
  • You can purchase new seat covers, carpet, and/or door panels from a dealership;
  • We can reupholster the seats or entire interior;

This is where you the customer need to make a decision. Great deals can be found online, but there are many covers and parts that may be listed for your vehicle yet fit horribly. This is something we have experienced often with seat covers.

The second option, purchasing from the dealership, ensures that you receive a quality product, but it will be at a premium price. For this reason, many dealerships have us reupholster seats for them. This is because many times it is cheaper then purchasing new covers yet they receive the excellent quality that their customers require.

The final option is to have us reupholster your interior. We work hard to ensure that your vehicle is down for the shortest amount of time, and that you recieve the highest quality of work at a fair price.

  • Fabrics for all domestic cars and most exotic cars are available;
  • Leathers and Vinyls for all domestic and exotic cars are available;
  • Carpeting for most domestic and foreign cars is available;