Commercial Dealership / Warranty

Pickup Truck Headliner Replacement Before Pickup Truck Headliner Replacement After

Many local new and used automotive dealerships have come to rely upon us for their interior work. This is for both warranty work and normal jobs. It is also expected that their customers will be more than satisfied.

When it comes to warranty work, we understand that for every day a customer is without their car, the more it costs the dealership. That is why there are very few jobs that will take us more than a single day.

As long as the vehicle is scheduled ahead of time, we are able to complete the job in one working day; unless otherwise noted. We request that the vehicle is to be dropped off by 9:30 am and we will have it available for pick-up by your required time, typically after 3:00 pm.


Services that we offer include...

  • Repairing/Replacing Damaged Foam;
  • Replacing Panels in Seat Covers;
  • Recovering or Replacing Headliners;
  • Seat Frame Repairs

  • Replacing Torn and Stained Carpet;
  • Dashboard Repairs/Replacement
  • Seat Repairs (sensors, heaters, lumbar, modules, etc...)
  • Anything Else Interior Related...