Commercial Fleet Services

We at Premiere Custom Upholstery understand that when it comes to your business's fleet, downtime must be kept to a minimum. For this reason, we will accommodate your jobs in a fashion that is convenient for your company.

Some companies drop off their seats while their vehicles are down for repairs and pick them up within a few days. Although this is a convenient method for us, we will make accommodations to meet whatever requirements you may have.

As long as the vehicles are scheduled ahead of time, we are able to complete the job within 24 hours. The typical fashion is to drop off the vehicle or seat by 9:30am and it will be available for pick-up the same day by 5:00pm.

Durable Seat Covers

Services that we offer include...

  • Repairing/Replacing Worn Out Foam;
  • Replacing Panels in Seat Covers;
  • Recovering Entire Seat with Heavier Grade Materials;
  • Recovering Sagging Headliners;

  • Durable Slip Covers (slips over original cover);
  • Durable Seat Covers (replaces original cover);
  • Floor Mats;
  • Replacing Torn and Stained Carpet;