Marine Custom Tailored Covers

Once you purchase one of our boat covers, you'll never want any other.

Our covers are made out of the best materials on the market. We use a teflon impregnated product named Top Gun and when combined with our teflon threads, creates a force not to be reckoned with.


Cockpit Cover and Bow Cover, Teflon Stitching, Top Gun Material

Since we have combined these two types of materials, we have yet to have a customer return for repairs or cover replacement, with our oldest cover being in active use for approximately 18 years. The only time a customer comes back regarding a cover is when they purchase a new boat and need another one...

We can make you any type of cover including:

  • Full Enclosures
  • Full Boat Covers
  • Cockpit Covers
  • Bow Covers
  • Biminis and Bimini Boots
  • Engine Covers
Pontoon Boat Cover, Top Gun, Teflon Stitching Biminis with Boots on